Speaker schedule

Monday 10:30-Noon

Breakout 1A – Ballroom
Title: History and Context

Albert Gallatin, Father of American Infrastructure-Rod Mackler

Hall’s Rifle Works and the Shenandoah Canal: A Fraught Relationship in the Age of Waterpower-David Gilbert

Breakout 1B – Auditorium
Title: Inland Waterways and Engineering Change

“Wreck”-reation or Rē-Creation ? A Comparative Tale of Two Michigan Inland Lake Communities-Stacy Leroy Daniels

Recent Engineering & Construction along the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal-Joseph Reed

Tuesday 8:30-10:00

Breakout 2A – Ballroom
Title: Trails to Recreation and Education

Trailway through Time: The D&L and National Canal Museum Merge History and Recreation-Martha Capwell Fox and Daphne Mayer

Canal Classrooms Education Program-Hollie Lynch

Breakout 2B – “The View” Studio
Title: Technology and Education

The Delaware and Hudson Canal-An Underappreciated American Treasure-Cliff Robinson, Jr.

Civilian Conservation Corps on the C&O Canal-Joshua Trott

Tuesday 10:30-Noon

Breakout 2C – “The View” Studio
Title: History and Context II

C&O Canal Company’s 1890 Bankruptcy Case that Established a 50-Year Trusteeship-Karen Gray

The State of Pennsylvania Canal and Railroad Initiative-Robert Kapsch

Breakout 2D – Ballroom
Title: Maryland Tourism Initiatives

Maximizing Maryland’s Tourism Opportunities of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal-Elizabeth Fitzsimmons, Dan Spedden and Abbie Ricketts

Canal Place, Past and Present-Deidre Ritchie

C&O Canal electric launch boat

Wednesday 8:30-10:00

Breakout 3A – Ballroom
Title: Technology and Tourism

Geospatial Technologies and Historic Canals Today: Enhancing Education, Recreation, and Tourism for End Users with GIS-John Ward

The Unique Tourism-Focused Initiatives of the C&O Canal Trust-Aidan Barnes

Breakout 3B – “The View” Studio
Title: Pandemic Programming and Volunteers

Keeping the Doors Open for History: Interpretation & Adaptation during COVID-19-Daniel Wiles

Building Capacity Through Volunteer Partnerships-Emily Hewitt

Wednesday 10:30-Noon

Breakout 3C – Ballroom
Title: Near and Far: Local Material Culture and German Reforms

More than Whiskey and Flour: Shopping in an 1850s Canal Town-Blyth McManus

Four Great Reformes in 500 Years-Elke Witt

Breakout 3D – “The View” Studio
Title: Trails to Creative Programing

The World is Your Museum: Programming Outside the Bounds of Your Historic Site-David Brooks and Derrick Pratt

Four Pillars of the GAP and Canal Towpath Trails: History, Scenery, Quality, and Variety-Doug Riegner

Thursday 8:30-9:40

Breakout 4A – Ballroom
Title: Conservation and the Natural Enviroment

The Capital’s Corridor: From Purveyor of Goods to Conservation Corridor-Joel Cohen

“Champion” Canals: Coming by it naturally!-Ralph Buglass

Breakout 4B – Auditorium
Title: Tourism and the Small Town

The C&O Canal as the Focus for History and Tourism in a small Western Maryland Town-Ralph Salvagno and Tracy Salvagno

The Canal Towns Partnership: Ten Towns, Six Counties, Two States-Abbie Ricketts

Thursday 10:00-Noon

Closing Plenary – Auditorium
Title: The Impact of Climate Change on Inland Waterways

PIANC and its Role Addressing Climate Change Challenges to Inland Waterways (panel discussion)-by William Miles, Brian Joyner and Burton Suedel

Leipzig: World Canals Conference 2022

Passing of the Waters and closing comments

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August 30 – September 2, 2021
Hagerstown, Maryland USA